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MACHADO: Exposing the Atlanticist Color Revolution in Hong Kong

By Raphael Machado – General Secretary, New Resistance (Brazil and Latin America); political organizer, commentator, and theorist; attorney at law Published on: Sep 5, 2019  Since March 31st, a series of protests have been underway in Hong Kong, which are said to have been motivated by an extradition bill that would allow extraditions from the territory […]

Machado: Cultural Marxism Doesn’t Exist – It’s Cultural Capitalism

Dispatch from New Resistance: The well known Brazilian right-wing ‘thinker’, Olavo de Carvalho has already exposed, perhaps accidentally but nevertheless definitively, showing that the authors linked to the Frankfurt School can not be described purely as “Marxists”. On the contrary, despite the aim of social criticism, they subvert the foundations of Marxism with strong Hegelian, […]