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Space race? China prepares to explore life-ready planets

BEIJING – The Chinese government will launch the Miin program in 2030 to explore outer space beyond the solar system and find suitable planets for life. “This project will be China’s next breakthrough in basic research,” said Yuan Jie, executive director of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASC). Beijing plans to launch a series […]

NASA plans to send nuclear rockets to the moon to reduce trip to Mars

WASHINGTON DC – NASA began research on nuclear propulsion in the 1960’s, but abandoned the idea because the Apollo era was in full swing and because of the tremendous cost of reactor testing. However, the idea has been gaining momentum since Trump announced the ambitious deadline for a return to the moon in 2024 and […]

Trump promises to plant US flag on Mars ‘soon’

WASHINGTON DC – US President Donald Trump said US astronauts will soon land on the moon again and then arrive on Mars to lay the American flag. “We’ll be going to the moon, we’ll be going to Mars very, very soon. “It’s very exciting. From a military standpoint there is nothing more important right now […]

Space Force: Musk Pleads for U.S to Have Bases on Moon and Mars

The entrepreneur, who also founded Tesla, plunged into his business plans for next year in an interview on the Recode Decode podcast. While talking to Tesla and SpaceX, Musk expressed his admiration for Trump’s provisional Space Force. “Well, this may be a little controversial, but I actually like the idea. I think it’s cool,” Musk […]


Published on: Oct 29, 2018 @ 14:06  – The new super-heavy carrier, due to be launched in 2028, will be able to send modules from a future station, not only to the lunar orbit but also to its surface, said Roscosmos managing director. The superheated rocket was designed to launch and lay about 100 tons of […]

Roscosmos says Musk uses Soviet technology in his projects

Elon Musk’s elaboration in the multiple-use missile sphere is based on Soviet technologies, said Russia’s leading builder of launch systems, deputy director of the Roscosmos Research Institute, one of the leading missile ideologues and builders of the Angara generation, Alexandr Medvedev. “All of these dynamic rocket systems and parachute systems actually came into being in […]