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REPORT: 1,800 Migrant Minors Unaccounted for in Germany

BERLIN – Almost 1,800 migrants, most of whom are believed to be children and teenagers have disappeared without a trace in Germany, according to reports circulated by German news agency Funke Mediengruppe, raising concerns over human trafficking. European Union (and Europe as a whole) has seen a significant influx of migrants in recent years – […]

Turkey Lets Over 100,000 Refugees Cross the Border With the EU

ANKARA – Turkish Minister of the Interior Suleyman Soylu announced that the number of immigrants crossing the border from Turkey to Europe has grown to 47,113 as of Saturday evening after Ankara stopped complying with a key agreement with the EU that prevented migrants and asylum-seekers from arriving in Europe. The development comes as reports […]

100 Migrants Hijack Rescue Ship, Rob Crew, Set Course for Malta

LIBYA – Self described ‘refugee’ migrants who were rescued on March 27th in the Mediterranean Sea resorted to piracy and seized the merchant ship El Hiblu 1, which originally came to their aid, and then attempted to change the course in favor of the shores of Italy. After the hijackers later decided against Italy, they […]


In a major development meant to stave off the socio-political collapse of the EU in the face of rising Euroscepticism in ‘Tier II and III’ EU countries, the Union has confirmed its abandonment of the policy of mandatory migrant relocation. Under the former program, Brussels made decisions about where ‘excess’ immigrants would be relocated within […]

Small firearms ownership on the rise in Germany: whom are they arming against?

February 5 , 2018 – FRN –  KtovKurse – translated by Inessa Sinchougova Two years have passed since the Chancellor of Germany accepted more than 1 million immigrants from the countries of the Middle East. According to the German newspaper Handelsblatt, there is a growing demand for small firearms and non-lethal weapons, including gas pistols, torch […]

Residents of Brussels forgive crimes and defend illegal migrants from police

January 22 , 2017 – Fort Russ News –   Vesti – translated by Inessa Sinchougova Hundreds of people have taken to the streets of Brussels to prevent a police operation from clearing hiding places of illegal immigrants. Activists lined up in chain formation from the Northern Railway Station to the capital’s park.  The activist of the […]

Outflow of population from Russia is replaced by migrants

December 20, 2017 – FRN –  KtovKurse – translated by Inessa Sinchougova  Russia is in the top five countries with the largest number of migrants. The UN estimated that 11.7 million migrants live in Russia, which puts in in fourth place globaly. According to the report of the UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs, most […]

“The Great Substitution” or Europe’s demographic suicide

August 24 , 2017 – Fort Russ News –  KtovKurse – translated by Inessa Sinchougova Despite overall cultural tolerance and the desire for multiculturalism of some groups, European factions express concern about the “Islamization” of the region. Not so long ago, the Archbishop of Stasburg, appointed by Pope Francis in February this year, said: “Today, Muslims are well […]