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Turkish Brute Force: Migrants Forced to Cross Greek Border at Gunpoint

By Adam Larson, Libyan War Blogspot Using Migration From the last days of February, thousands of migrants appeared at the Turkish-Greek border,  with others crossing by sea, over the following week rising to the tens of thousands at least. These are largely young men, but also include women and children. It seems a relative few […]

Vučić praises Serbia’s readiness to resist Migration and Coronavirus

By Kirill Borschev Commenting on the situation with the migration crisis in Europe, Serbian President Alexander Vučić said that, if necessary, he was ready to issue an order from the army and the police in order to protect the security of the country and its citizens. “People need not worry. We will be ready physically and technically. Our army […]

Le Pen Slams Erdogan and Soros ‘Islamicization of Europe’ Policy, backs Greece as Elections Approach in Marseille

MARSEILLE, France – The head of the Rassemblement National, Marine Le Pen, demanded that France and Europe help Greece deal with the influx of refugees, and also accused Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan of wanting to “Islamize Europe,” Ouest-France reports. “France and Europe should come to the aid of Greece and completely change their migration policy,” the French […]

Trump’s rhetoric on collision course with Mexico’s rise as a multipolar power

CDMX – The president of Mexico , Andrés Manuel López Obrador ( AMLO ), proposed on Thursday to his colleague from the United States, Donald Trump , in response to threats of tariffs, a path of dialogue instead of confrontation to resolve the immigration issue.   Mexican Deputy Foreign Minister Jesus Seade said that if the United States fulfills its threat to […]

Will Bulgaria’s anti-migration actions be backed by the EU?

Bulgarian Prime Minister Boiko Borissov is moving the country quickly into the front of EU states who oppose the EU’s present border and migration policies. Speaking ahead of today’s meeting of EU leaders on migration and asylum, the PM said that Bulgaria had, through its own efforts, shown that it could cope with the whole slew […]

Small firearms ownership on the rise in Germany: whom are they arming against?

February 5 , 2018 – FRN –  KtovKurse – translated by Inessa Sinchougova Two years have passed since the Chancellor of Germany accepted more than 1 million immigrants from the countries of the Middle East. According to the German newspaper Handelsblatt, there is a growing demand for small firearms and non-lethal weapons, including gas pistols, torch […]