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A CHRISTMAS MESSAGE TO FRN READERS – Christ is born! Glorify Him!

By Lucas Leiroz *************** In Name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit! Amen! Christ is born! Glorify Him! Dear brothers and comrades, today we celebrate one of the most important feasts of Christianity: the birth of Jesus Christ, which theologically means the incarnation of God in human flesh. The great […]

Assassinated by the Atlanticist forces – Who was Commander Qassem Soleimani?

By Raphael Machado – Secretary General – New Resistance Brazil – Lawyer, activist, translator and founder of New Resistance Brazil, he is one of the main promoters of Aleksandr Dugin’s thought and work and of themes related to the Fourth Political Theory in Brazil. * New Resistance Evropa unanimously endorses the following * “By disintegrating […]

Hegel in light of the Fourth Political Theory & Laocracy – A Brief Outline

By Luiz Campos – Member of NR-Brazil in MG, teaches History and Philosophy The philosophy of the German Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel has interesting tools to offer to dissenting thinking. Concepts such as dialectic, praxis and Volkgeist, if adapted to our struggle, become instruments of analysis and action. Incidentally, such adaptation is fundamental, which also involves the […]

MACHADO: Exposing the Atlanticist Color Revolution in Hong Kong

By Raphael Machado – General Secretary, New Resistance (Brazil and Latin America); political organizer, commentator, and theorist; attorney at law Published on: Sep 5, 2019  Since March 31st, a series of protests have been underway in Hong Kong, which are said to have been motivated by an extradition bill that would allow extraditions from the territory […]

Action – Socialism – Laocracy: New Resistance Evropa Communique # 3

New Resistance Evropa – Central Committee Communique # 3 ACTION – Only the most rigorous and hard-hitting movement can overturn the wretched prevailing order. New Resistance calls on people of Action to resist the temptation of idleness and procrastination. On the Streets, in the Church, in the Labor Unions, in the Arts, and in the […]