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Pentagon Hastily Awards $13 bln Contract For ICBMs to Northrop Grumman

PENTAGON (SF) – A recent analysis by Defense One notes that the announcement by the US Air Force that it will award Northrop Grumman $13.3 billion to develop a new intercontinental ballistic missile raises more questions than it answers. First and foremost: what’s the rush? The move greatly complicates the ability of the next administration to revise […]

REVEALED: When Britain Nuked America… Twice! (VIDEO)

Although we at FRN and many (if not most) of our regular readers might not agree with Dr. Felton’s stances on a number of issues, we are posting this as a reminder that the US is neither invincible nor untouchable, even for a regional power like the UK, let alone for superpowers such as Russia […]

MAJOR: Iran may take North Korea route towards nuclear armament

TEHRAN – July 9, 2019 – Iran has exceeded the enrichment level envisaged by the nuclear deal, a spokesman for the Atomic Energy Organization of the country, Behruz Kamalvandi, said. “This morning we overcame the border of uranium enrichment at 4.5%,” the IRNA agency quoted him as saying. This is 3.67% higher than the figure […]

Democrats Try to Prevent Trump’s Plan to Make ‘Weaker’ Nuclear Warheads

In Congress, Democrats have drafted a new bill that is likely to disrupt White House plans to create new, low-power nuclear warheads for the Trident D5 missile, according to a statement by House Speaker Adam Schmidt. According to the authors of the document, “[…] new low-power nuclear warheads, installed in submarines, will reduce the limit […]

Former Ukrainian Minister: ‘If Russia didn’t have nukes, NATO would have reduced it to dust’

The former Ukrainian economy minister said that one could “reduce Russia to dust”. Political scientist Vladimir Kireev has expressed his opinion on why Ukrainian politicians allow themselves to make such aggressive statements. Former Ukrainian economy minister Viktor Suslov says it is possible to “reduce Russia to dust” if the country does not have nuclear weapons. […]