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US Senate Committee Approves Funding for Nuclear Test ‘Just in Case’

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The Senate Armed Services Committee advanced an amendment aimed at reducing the amount of time it would take to carry out a nuclear test. The amendment, offered by Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.), would make at least $10 million available to “carry out projects related to reducing the time required to execute a […]

Does Russia really need a ‘nuclear train’?

MOSCOW – Russia’s train-driven Barguzin missile project could be revived, leaving only one question as to Russia’s need to resuscitate it, says an international security expert. For academic Aleksei Arbatov, the statement by expert Yuri Solomonov, who said the Yars missile was also designed for a rail car, suggests that this is a sign that […]

Chinese strategic potential: Beijing prepares for nuclear war?

BEIJING – 55 years ago, on October 16, 1964, China tested its first atomic bomb. Today Beijing has 290 nuclear warheads at its disposal, making it the third largest arsenal in the world after Russia and the US. According to Andrei Kots, Soviet experts helped the Chinese develop their nuclear weapons. Triad of Arms From […]

MAJOR – Russia is ready to help Cuba set up nuclear power industry

MOSCOW – Russia is ready to become Cuba’s strategic partner in the peaceful use of atomic energy if Havana so decides, said the first deputy head of the Russian government office, Sergei Prikhodko. Russian Prime Minister Dmitri Medvedev will visit Cuba on today and tomorrow with a broad agenda of bilateral cooperation. “As Cuban colleagues […]

New nuclear submarine heading to the Pacific to bolster the Russian Navy

MOSCOW – The new Borei class attack submarine, Knyaz Oleg (Prince Oleg), will join the Russian Navy Pacific Fleet in 2020, media reported. The submersible was originally intended to operate in Russia’s Northern Fleet, but the Russian Ministry of Defense later amended the decision to transfer it to the Pacific Ocean, writes the Izvestia newspaper, […]

Bulgarian nuclear physicist suspects Russian company intends to ‘ashes’ NATO

SOFIA – Scientist made statement after a Russian nuclear company won bid for construction of a nuclear power plant in Bulgaria. Bulgarian nuclear physicist and former chairman of the Pacific Nuclear Energy Committee, Georgi Kaschiev, said the participation of the Russian nuclear company Rosatom in the project to build the Belene Bulgarian nuclear power plant […]