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Novorossia headlines summary, November 6, 2014

Slavic Guard: Vozhd News November 6, 2014 It finally became clear that to serve in territorial battalions is better then in UAF. If you left the army, then you are a deserter and you are prosecuted. Relatives will protest. But for the most part, who cares, you are not a hero, and therefore disposable. But, if you left with […]


Event: Odessa massacre protest in NYC, Times Square, Sunday, November 2

    Tell the U.S., Ukraine and the media: STOP THE COVER-UP! We will remember the 48 anti-fascists and trade unionists murdered by neo-Nazis in Odessa, Ukraine, on May 2, 2014. We will also honor Mike Brown (Ferguson), Jennifer Laude (Philippines), Eric Garner (Staten Island), Robert Serra (Venezuela) and other victims of U.S.-imperialist sponsored racism, […]

Ukrainian election – a victory of the fascist oligarchs

@friend   Surely we can all agree that Verkhovna Rada elections held after the coup are illegal. But are they legitimate? Legitimacy is government’s representation of the wants of the people. There are two main options for describing preliminary results of the parliamentary elections: 1) A miracle happened, fully reformatting Ukrainian politics and politically liquidating about 50 percent of voters   2) Elections […]

Is Ukraine running out of Nazis?

   Alexander Rogers, Russian analyst  “I have suspected since summer, that there are not that many neo-Nazis in Ukraine. Recent Bandera march showed that. Many cities were exposed, when most Banderites were shipped to Kiev for the main march. They had called for vandalizing and seizing Orthodox Churches of Moscow Patriarchate across the country, but didn’t […]