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OPCW Insiders Dispute Second Chemical Weapons Probe on Syria, Blast Watchdog for ‘Glaring Technical Weaknesses’

The Hague, Netherlands – A group of current and former OPCW employees have explosively slammed the organization for producing what they say is yet another “procedurally and scientifically flawed” report into alleged chemical weapons attacks in Syria. Writing at the Grayzone, the insiders denounced the “compromised” investigation into chemical incidents in the town of Lattamenah in […]

MAJOR: WikiLeaks Released Unredacted Documents of OPCW Douma Report Showing Changes in Final Version

The WikiLeaks website released its third package of documents concerning a chemical weapons report on the Syrian city of Douma published by the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW). It includes a memorandum written in protest by one of the scientists that participated in the fact-finding mission (FFM) – and the final report “with relevant comments […]

WikiLeaks Proved the OPCW Cannot Be Trusted In Syria

The “Syrian regime” and chemical weapons has become a constant mantra in the Western World and has become synonymous with the Syrian War since it began in 2011. One of the most famous cases was the April 2018 chemical weapon attack in the Damascene satellite city of Douma that led to the U.S., UK and […]

MAJOR: New Syrian chemical attack reports by U.S. rebuked by own allies

By Finas Samuri – The Syrian crisis continuous. Not so long ago, the U.S. leadership accused the Syrian government in the use of chemical weapons in Latakia province. This accusation was based on the fake reports of Hayat Tahrir al-Sham militants. Notably, a number of the U.S. allies refused to support Washington’s position on this […]

The END of the OPCW? Russia and Syria reject new powers for the organization

In a move that many critics have pointed out only detracts from the credibility and neutrality of the organization, Members of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) have approved a UK motion to expand the organization’s power, which can now assign responsibility for chemical weapon attacks. […] the new OPCW powers are […]

OPCW report on Syria is ‘cynical and politicized’

Moscow has classified the report of the Technical Secretariat of the OPCW on the results of the inspection of facilities in the Syrian regions of Barza and Dzhamraye as “cynical and politicized”. According to a note from the Russian Foreign Ministry, the document was approved under heavy pressure the US. “We pay attention to the […]