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China and the Council on Foreign Relations: America’s Genesis of the Big Lie

By Dennis Etler According to a special report of the Council on Foreign Relations, US administrations, from Clinton to Obama have misread China’s strategic intentions on several fronts; and made optimistic statements about US-China relations. The CFR is the preeminent US foreign policy think tank, so what they publish can be taken as the consensus […]

Here are Five Reasons Ukraine Can Never Survive as a State

There is nothing innately Ukrainian in its ‘state’, it is an identity defined in opposition to what it wants not to be –  it is an incurable condition, and it’s useless to treat.  By Boris Andreev The First reason  Any normal state should have its own historical territory with which its heroic myth is connected. There […]

What are Russia’s Chances of Winning a War with NATO?

MOSCOW – In terms of the size and equipment of military equipment, the Russian Air Force will be able to successfully resist the troops of the United States and its allies in the context of a local conflict in the territory of a third country. This opinion was expressed by the Vice President of the Russian […]

Any Word That Threatens Power Is Literally Russian Propaganda

Now here is quite a thing. What is being suggested, is that the primary users of any of these terms are supposedly Russian bots, or other vectors for material that can be ‘safely dismissed’ out of hand as “propaganda”. This is not, strictly speaking, “Orwellian” – in the sense of Orwell’s conception of “Newspeak”. That, after all, […]

When Going to War for ‘Freedom of Speech’ Breeds Nazis

By Curwen Ares Rolinson – “We went to WAR to protect Freedom of Speech!” Gosh, that’s a funny way to say “to protect the territorial integrity of Poland”. Now, Interwar Poland was not exactly a bastion of freedom of speech. In fact, the Sanation regime appeared to almost make a virtue out of the targeted repression […]

Is our future pre-programmed? How this one video game predicted ISIS to the ‘T’

Often people tend to say things like “I saw this in a movie” or “ I played a video game similar to that”, thus making comparisons to some things that are in fact happening in real life. In truth, such things are happening more and more frequently in many aspects of our life. Although the movies that predict terror attacks years ahead usually go unnoticed – certain similarities simply cannot be left ignored.

Dear Readers: Regarding your Disqus account for comments

January 21st, 2018 – Fort Russ News –  – letter to the readers, by Joaquin Flores –  Dear Readers,  It has come to our attention that beginning sometime last Spring, 2017, Disqus began to – seemingly randomly – delete and ‘ban’ any number of commenters from commenting on FRN stories for reasons beyond our capacity […]

Russia after Putin: The Impending Dilemma

January 15th, 2018 – Fort Russ News –  – op-ed by Padraig Joseph McGrath, the Irish Crimean, for FRN –  Socialist Space Workers, Техника Молодежи (Youth Technics), Russia (1973) The next critical juncture in the history of Russia’s domestic politics will arrive in March 2024. It seems logical to assume that President Putin will decide […]