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Did the Berlin Wall Just Fall in Montenegro?

By Aleksandar Pavic – Independent analyst and researcher – For Strategic Culture Foundation – To some it may seem like hyperbole, but members of the victorious Montenegrin opposition could be excused for exclaiming late Sunday, August 30, 2020, that the Berlin Wall had finally fallen in their country as well – albeit a “mere” three decades […]

Will Montenegro Join with Serbia and Russia in Electoral Victory Aftermath?

By Mikhail Plisyuk for EAD  – The parliamentary elections that took place in Montenegro yesterday, August 30, will definitely go down in history: they marked the end of 30 years of steadfastness in power of the current president of the country, Milo Djukanovic . Despite the fact that his party became the leader of the race, it is the opposition, […]

MONTENEGRO: Politicians Excommunicated, Faithful Take To The Streets, Hierarchs Speak Out (VIDEO)

PODGORICA – Tensions continue to run high in Montenegro after the Parliament and President pushed through a law that the Serbian Orthodox Church views as a blatant attack, aimed at seizing Church property from the canonical Church in favor of the minuscule schismatic “Montenegrin Orthodox Church.” The Episcopal Council of Montenegro, consisting of every hierarch of […]

Bishop Beaten in Montenegro Urges Faithful to Keep the Peace

PODGORICA – His Grace Bishop Metodije of Diokleia, a canonical hierarch of the Serbian Orthodox Church in Montenegro, was beaten by police on December 26 while peacefully participating in a protest against the adoption of a new law that the Church warns will result in the government confiscating Church property. Two faithful were also injured trying to […]

Montenegrin NATO Vassal Police Beat Serbian Bishop, Faithful Protesting Adoption of Ukraine-Style Anti-Church law

PODGORICA – Despite strong protests from the hierarchs, clergy, monastics, and tens of thousands of faithful of the Serbian Orthodox Church, the majority religion in the country, the Montenegrin Parliament adopted the anti-Church law “On Freedom of Religion and Belief and the Legal Status of Religious Communities” on December 26. Large crowds of Orthodox faithful […]

Neo-Nazi Svoboda Militants Seize Orthodox Church in Vinnitsa

VINNITSA, Ukraine – Journalist Yulia Voinova reported that members of the Svoboda party had seized an Orthodox church in the village of Stryzhavka, Vinnitsa region by force . Julia Voinova wrote wrote about this on Facebook. “The seizure of the Temple. The Svoboda Party seized the temple in the village of Strizhavka, Vinnitsa Region. Father […]

Babchenko: Corruption’s Decoy

It seems to be clear that the Babchenko circus, at least partially, was aimed at tucking away attention from the manipulation at installing a puppet to Poroshenko and Akhtemov as the head of an all-important controlling body.

Orthodox Church unites: Tens of thousands gather in Kiev, opposing war

July 28, 2017 – Fort Russ News –  Politnavigator – translated by Inessa Sinchougova  On July 28, 988 AD, Vladimir the Great Baptised Kievan’ Rus. In commemoration of this day, tens of thousands of believers have gathered in Kiev.  Despite the threats of right-wing radicals – Nazis and dissidents supported by the official authorities – on 27 […]