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Pakistan continues to violate Greek sovereignty alongside Turkish military

There was a reason that a Pakistani AFNS P-3 infringed Greek airspace a week ago -it appears a new military alliance with Pakistan and Turkey is being created with Turkish media saying that “Pakistani warships will patrol the Eastern Mediterranean.” According to Yeni Safak, Pakistan will be “part of the” shield “Turkey has created in […]

MAJOR: Pakistan violates Greek and Cypriot airspace AGAIN!

KASTELORIZO – The Pakistani naval surveillance aircraft that had violated on Tuesday (12/11) the Athens Flight Information Region (FIR) returned yesterday to the Greek island of Kastelorizo, despite intense protests from Athens. Despite the fact that the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a protest rally and even in a very strict style to the […]

Pakistan breaks international law with Turkey, illegally invades Greek airspace

KOSTELORIZO, Greece – Without filing a flight plan with Greek authorities, a Pakistani P-3 Orion Naval Co-operation and Information Collection Aircraft was flown into Greek airspace yesterday. The aircraft Greek airspace east of Kastelorizo, then continued to towards Cyprus and then returned to its base following the same course in reverse. The Turkish fleet is […]

Pakistan Threatens India’s Allies: ‘Side with India, Face Our Missiles’

ISLAMABAD – Pakistan issued missile threats to countries who side with India over the disputed Kashmir region, as Pakistan’s Minister for Kashmir affairs Ali Amin Gandapur warned that the Islamic Republic would to go to war over the contested territory if necessary. “If the tension with India escalates on the issue of Kashmir, Pakistan will […]

MAJOR: Afghan, Pakistani Forces Clash on Border, Three Civilians Killed

KABUL/ISLAMABAD – Afghan and Pakistani forces engaged in cross-border clashes for a second day, hours after Pakistani mortar and rocket fire into Afghanistan killed three women in eastern Kunar province, Afghan officials announced on Monday. The fighting first broke out Sunday afternoon when Afghan forces and local militiamen tried to stop Pakistani forces from establishing […]