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Senate United in Rejection of Pentagon Budget Cuts, $740 bln for ‘Securing Peace and Prosperity’ Around the World

PENTAGON – The US Senate has passed its version of the National Defense Authorization Act, allocating $740.5 billion to the Pentagon. The bill was passed a day after an amendment proposed to cut the Pentagon’s budget by 10 percent and redirect that funding toward significant investments in education, healthcare, and housing in poor communities. This, […]


LAVROV: ‘The Pentagon Seeks to Contain Everyone But Itself’

MOSCOW/WASHINGTON, D.C. – The remarks made by United States Defense Secretary Mark Esper regarding Washington’s successful “containment” of alleged “aggression” of Russia and China sparked regret in Moscow, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov stated. “If the Pentagon chief believes that the containment of Russia and China is the main goal of its agency, then this […]

Ukrops Rub Hands as Pentagon Promises Ukraine $250 Million in Military Aid

WASHINGTON, D.C./KIEV – The US Defense Department announced it was resuming “military assistance” to Ukraine, saying $250 million will be released and sent to the country. The money will be used to “help Ukraine with its defensive capabilities, air and sea surveillance, communication and cyberdefense”, the latter it said will be spent countering “Russian cyber […]

Coronavirus Could Last Until Summer 2021 warns Leaked Pentagon Memo

WASHINGTON, D.C. – A leaked Pentagon memo on Tuesday revealed that top Department of Defense (DOD) officials have been planning for the possibility that the military could be dealing with a “globally-persistent” coronavirus pandemic well into 2021. The memo, obtained by Task & Purpose, also warned of the “real possibility” that a vaccine for COVID-19 won’t be […]

MAJOR: Pentagon recognizes Russia’s superiority in hypersonic weapons

MOSCOW – Due to the development of Russian hypersonic weapon technologies, an imbalance in combat capabilities that the US must overcome has emerged, says the Pentagon’s official representative. “While the United States has been the world leader in hypersonic system research for many decades, we did not choose to weaponize hypersonic technology,” Pentagon spokesperson Air […]

Pentagon ‘pressures’ NATO to take action against Turkey

The Turkish operation in northern Syria has undermined the US-led campaign against Daesh terrorists, according to the Pentagon. That is why the Pentagon has decided to warn that Washington will put pressure on its NATO allies to sanction Ankara, another so-called NATO ally. US Defense Secretary Mark Esper has announced the withdrawal of US forces […]

Pentagon: ISIS strengthens clandestine network in Syria and Iraq

The terrorist group Daesh [ISIS] has in recent months strengthened its clandestine network in Syria and Iraq, according to a US Department of Defense report. According to the report, focused on the Inherent Resolution operation and signed by the Pentagon Deputy Inspector General Glenn Fine, the State Department Inspector General Steve Linick, and the Inspector […]