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The Fall of Plahotniuc and a New Hope for Moldova

On June 15, 2019 Moldova’s Democratic Party officially announced that their leader had left the country to visit family “for a couple of days”. Over a year later, the oligarch still has not returned knowing that to do so could mean decades in a Moldovan (and possibly even Russian) prison.

MAJOR: U.S Backed Color Revolution in Moldova misfires as Oligarch Plahotniuc and his Democratic Party supporters flee on jets

CHISINAU – Supporters of the Democratic Party of Moldova, together with their leader, oligarch Vladimir Plahotniuc, have just fled the country after the resignation of the government of Pavel Filip. Moldovan media outlets wrote about this, noting that businessmen and politicians flew off in private jets. According to some reports, Ilan Shor , who is suspected of […]

UN Resolution against Russian Peacekeepers in Transnistria could mean WAR

On June 22nd, the UN General Assembly adopted a draft resolution calling for the immediate and total withdrawal of the Russian military from Transnistria, where they are part of a peacekeeping force since the 1990’s. 64 countries voted for the resolution, 15 against, and 83 abstained. The resolution itself was prepared by Moldova and co-authored […]