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By Arturo Gallegos – It is well known that to any progressive change in the politics of a country there is a reaction to the contrary, in other words, the response of the conservative side. Not rarely this resistance of the privileged class to lose its advantages usually ends in violence. Old and recent history […]


The Worst Literal Hitler Ever

By CJ Hopkins – Originally at OffGuardian – Published Jun 15, 2020 FRN So, the GloboCap-Resistance Minneapolis Putsch appears to have not gone exactly to plan. Once again, Trump failed to go full-Hitler, despite their best efforts to goad him into doing so. They gave it quite a good shot, however. It was more or less a textbook regime-change op, or […]

‘The Chinese Are Coming!’, NATO Chief Whines About China’s Rise

BRUSSELS/BEIJING – NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg stated that the West “cannot ignore” either the military or economic rise of the People’s Republic of China, and admitted that the world is “facing a shift in the global balance of power”. Political Turnover? EU Foreign Policy Chief Says World Witnessing US Century Ceding to Asian One Speaking […]

MAJOR: US Demands UK Hand Over Prince Andrew for Questioning Over Epstein Links

WASHINGTON, D.C./LONDON – Britain’s Prince Andrew has reportedly been summoned by the US Justice Department to answer questions about his relationship with pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, as the pair were friends for over a decade. The Southern District Court of New York has asked Prince Andrew to testify in the ongoing criminal investigation into Epstein’s alleged […]

KIRBY: Trump Can Save Rioting America by Doing Nothing

By Tim Kirby for SCF – Jun 6, 2020 –Right now, across the USA there are either mass protests or mass riots depending on whom you ask and as usual the Punditry and Mainstream Media are doing their best to make this seem like an isolated, never before seen event on American soil. But, it seems like it […]

The Revolution the U.S. Needs Will Not Be Televised

By Tom Luongo – When Gil Scott-Heron released the iconic song it was a cry for racial justice. But it was far deeper than that. Because Scott-Heron spoke the truth that media was subordinate to power. That’s why he knew the revolution he spoke of would never be on television, the most powerful form of […]


By David William Pear – Originally at OffGuardian – Published Jun 5, 2020 FRN They passed the USA PATRIOT Act – and I did nothing because I am a patriot. They passed the USA Freedom Act – and I believe in freedom. They nominated Hillary Clinton – and I voted for the lesser evil. They declared medical […]

Rule by Covid Fear : Biosecurity and Politics

By Giorgio Agamben – What is most striking about the exceptional measures that have been set in motion in our country (and in many others too) is the inability to see them outside of the immediate context they apparently function in. Hardly anyone seems to have attempted—as any serious political analysis would require—to interpret these measures […]