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MAJOR: U.S proposes path for Recognizing Crimea as Russian

MOSCOW – The United States proposed a path to recognize Crimea as Russia by way of holding a U.S supervised or managed second referendum in the Crimea, even after the region has already been reunited with Russia. This, in particular, was offered to Moscow by ex-head of the State Department, John Kerry , but was refused, according to Russian […]

Russian Orthodox Church: The problem of the Ukrainian Autocephaly will be solved WITHOUT Constantinople

MOSCOW – The format of inter-Orthodox consultations will be a more effective tool in resolving the issue of the Ukrainian autocephaly than addressing the patriarch of Constantinople, who has resigned from the problems of world Orthodoxy. This was announced today, May 29, by the DECR chairman of the Moscow Patriarchate, Metropolitan of Volokolamsk, Hilarion, at the international […]

IMF begins closing shop in Ukraine as Corruption issues go unsolved

By Yury Doschatov – The work of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), which restarted work in Ukraine yesterday has reduced the schedule of work and will not revise the program of cooperation. This was reported by “Ukrainian News” quoting an informed source. According to the source, the IMF changed the schedule of work of the mission in Kiev. […]

Poroshenko has nowhere to run – faces possible charges in the U.S and in Ukraine

Oligarch and former president of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko, is facing jail-time in Ukraine, however he should not count on receiving help from his Western “friends and partners”, who once sworn in the eternal friendship with him, according to columnist Rostislav Ishchenko Poroshenko obviously intends to fight to stay in politics and consequently, in Ukraine as a […]

Poroshenko has lost a whole lot more than just the presidency

KIEV – The former president of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko, lost his status as a billionaire during his presidency, reports Bloomberg. According to the agency, “the confectionery mogul was deprived of his status as a billionaire shortly after his election in June 2014.” Poroshenko’s net worth has fallen by almost 40% to $705 million, according to […]

Game of Maidan: A snake pit prepared for Zelensky

For this is not the only reason why Zelensky’s nomination got postponed. The other reason is that Poroshenko and Parbubiy also wanted to get the infamous Ukrainian language law passed, and to place (eject) a few key people. Thus, a “coup” took place.

Zelensky’s Security Advisor Promises: WAR ON RUSSIA WILL CONTINUE!

By Alexander Grishin – May 12, 2019 –  Vladimir Zelensky, elected president of Ukraine, prefers to remain silent for the last few days, but his partner Igor Kolomoisky and members of the “Z  team” do not tire of performing in various media outlets depicting the contours of the Ukrainian future. With very important (no matter how to relate to the […]