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Neo-Nazi Azov’s Leader Biletsky is On the Path to Power in Ukraine

By  Alexander Alexandrovsky, Political Scientist – By this year’s end its evident, the PR activity of the Ukrainian “National Corps” and its “Fuhrer”Andrey Biletsky, is gaining momentum. It seems that this radical force offers itself not only to situational allies, such as the head of the Interior Ministry of the country Arsen Avakov, but also to the presidential […]

Right Sector Battalions are Pulling Out of the Donbass, But Why?

The Right Sector declared that it was withdrawing the so-called 5th and 8th battalions from the Donbass. Earlier, the commander of the 8th battalion, Andrei Gergert, was accused in social media for work with ISIS militants and their plans to carry out terrorist attacks in Russia. Also, although not officially reported, the decision of the “Right Sector”  should […]


By Rostislav Ishchenko – Poroshenko decided to build his election campaign to destabilize the country. This move could be effective, although extremely risky, if Peter Alekseevich understood what game he was up to and is really ready to go to the end. In principle, destabilization is necessary in order to obtain a quasi-legitimate reason to cancel the […]

Poroshenko’s last stand – ELECTIONS, BLOODSHED as Ukraine expects IMF default

By the fall,  “Death by hanging” will strangle Ukraine. Kiev, according to the IMF, should raise gas tariffs for the population, but this threatens Ukraine with a default. These statements were made by the Rada deputy Yuri Pavlenko. The increase in gas prices ought to be accompanied by additional subsidies to the population. Otherwise, yet another desperate […]

CHAOS UKRAINE 18+: VIDEO of SBU and Neo-Nazis in major shoot-out

Circulating the web is a video, linked below of a bloody showdown between neo-Nazi militants and the SBU special forces. It occurred during an attempt to disarm the next neo-Nazi formation at their base. The record shows how the special forces unit of the SBU, under the cover of armored personnel carriers, approaches the wall of […]

More Ukrainian New Year greetings to the world: Torchlight parades in honor of WWII collaborators; OUN March now official hymn of the Ukrainian Army

January 1, 2018 – Fort Russ News – – Novorosinform, translated by Tom Winter-  Kiev. Throughout Ukraine, Pravy Sektor conducts torchlight parades today; OUN March becomes official hymn for the Ukrainian Army Monday, January 1, marches will take place in honor of Bandera’s birthday in 10 cities of Ukraine. This is reported on Pravy Sektor’s Facebook […]

Pravy Sektor radicals give Poroshenko a 72-hour ultimatum

December 5, 2017 – Fort Russ News- – Tsargrad, translated by Tom Winter – The Tsargrad headline:”Pravy Sektor radicals give Poroshenko 72 hours to escape” The Novrosinform headline: “Radicals of the Pravy Sektor give Poroshenko 72 hours to restore order in the country” same text, as below: Right Sector representatives have given the Ukrainian president  a menacing […]