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Facebook Censors Defense of ‘Unite For Freedom’ Protest

Originally at OffGuardian – Published Sep 1, 2020 FRN Jill Kirkwood posted this on Facebook. It was censored. Can you think of a single good reason why? If you find yourself ‘disapproving’ of the massive protest in London yesterday which was ignored by the BBC (yet they reported on the Berlin protest), if you find yourself agreeing […]

UPDATE: German Court Overturns Protest Ban

Originally at OffGuardian – Published Aug 29, 2020 FRN The Berlin Senate’s decision to ban the coronavirus protest planned for this weekend has been overturned by the Administrative Court. That said, the protest will still be under some restrictions – the court ruled that the organizers must follow all the laws and restrictions they are protesting against. According […]

What is unfolding in Iraq right now?

By Yusuf Mshahwar The U.S. has fomented war in Iraq for going on forty consecutive years now. From backing and encouraging Saddam to attack Iran in the 80s to genocidal sanctions that murdered 500,000 children and a direct war in the 90s to a full scale invasion and the creation of Daesh in the 2000s. […]

Is President Maduro ‘Illegitimate’? 10 Facts to Counter the Lies

Editor’s Note – the following from 15yUltimo indeed delivers the facts straight. It’s important for those still sharing the ‘democracy = elections’ dream not to wind up in error on the subject of Venezuela – the last election that saw Maduro defeat his opponents was clean, transparent, and fair by the liberal, western standards of […]