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MAJOR: Morales Warns Against Violence as Opposition Hints at Coup

LA PAZ – Bolivia’s government accused its rivals of plotting deadly violence against it after an opposition figure vowed to oust leftist President Evo Morales and called for the military’s support. Deadly unrest has gripped the South American country since Morales was named the winner of the October 20 election for a fourth term, AFP […]


Lebanese Paper Reveals US Mission’s Role in October Protests in Iraq

BEIRUT – A leading Lebanese newspaper revealed the role played by the US embassy in the October protest rallies in Iraq which turned violent. The Arabic-language al-Akhbar paper wrote on Saturday that it has gained access to a security document that shows the US mission’s role in organizing a secret formation to add fuel to […]

China compromises with Hong Kong after protest wave, postpones extradition law

China respects the decision of the Hong Kong administration to postpone consideration of the extradition bill. The official representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the PRC, Gen Shuang , announced this today, July 9, at a briefing , commenting on a statement by the head of the administration of Hong Kong, Kerry Lam , who recognized this initiative as unviable. […]

BREAKING: Honduran Protesters Set Fire to U.S Embassy

Tegucigalpa – In Honduras against the backdrop of a mass strike of medical professionals and education workers against the austerity measures of U.S backed President Juan Orlando Hernández, a mass  of protesters gathered around the US Embassy and set fire to it. Protesters piled tires at the entrance to the building and set them on […]

YELLOW VESTS: French Government Exposed! Using Israeli-made Nanoparticles and Chemical Markers on Protesters

Published on: Mar 27, 2019 @ 12:20 – During the protests and subsequent orgy of violence instigated by French government militias, Yellow vests and passers-by have unknowingly become guinea pigs for the first global experiment on humans with nanoparticles and chemical markers whose effect on biological organisms is still very poorly understood. This was reported by […]