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Journalist Ruslan Kotsaba jailed for “obstructing UAF activities”: “My sentence is a sentence against freedom of speech”

May 12, 2016 –  Maxim Karpenko, PolitNavigator –  Translated by J. Arnoldski  A Ukrainian court has sentenced the journalist Ruslan Kotsaba to three and a half years for “obstructing the activities of the UAF.” Kotsaba’s laywer, Tatyana Montyan, stated this on her social-networking page. According to her, the prosecutor’s office nonetheless withdrew the charges against […]


NatzGuardia fires rubber bullets on local miners | Video Eng Subs

August 1st, 2015 Vox Populi Evo Rivne Oblast – West Ukraine:  On July 29th, Police and National Guard in Dubrovitsa, Rivne Oblast, used non-leathal weapons against local citizens. Policemen stopped the operation of several amber mines, detained several workers at the same time. Local citizens demanded their release, but negotiations with police and local officials became […]

Ukraine conscripts 800 protesting Volhynia coal miners

2/26/2015 800 rebelling Volhynia coal miners are sent military draft notices By Oleg Tyshkevich Translated from Russian by J.Hawk The coal miners of Western Ukraine who threatened a large-scale rebellion due to the three- month delay of salaries are being inducted into the army. 800 rebellious miners received notices directly from military commissars who delivered […]

Ukraine’s “Ministry of Truth” is hiring Internet trolls (and spies?)

2/23/2015 Ukrainian Ministry of Truth is Hiring Bots. A SmallInvestigation. By Geoboris Translated from Russian by J.Hawk The Ukrainian Ministry of Truth [officially the Ministry of Information Policy] debuted a new resource: There you can join the team of bots who will then proceed to troll the internet with their “objective” and “free” opinions. […]