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EU attributes its helplessness against coronavirus as Kremlin disinformation

BRUSSELS – In a situation when the European Union has shown itself helpless to really stop coronavirus infections, Brussels officials are still trying to justify their failure as the work of “Putin trolls”. The number of deaths from coronavirus in the EU is now officially higher than in Asia – 3421 against 3384. The European […]


GEORGE ADES: Why do I not hate Russia?

By George Ades I was born and raised on the small Mediterranean Island of Cyprus that even today the population of which does not reach one million. Cyprus is considered firmly in the western sphere of influence, a British Colony between 1878 and 1959 when it earned its independence after an armed struggle that lasted […]

Russophobia at Large: Meduza Magazine’s Integrity Struggle

Editor’s note – This Atlantic Council-esque project, Meduza, was first discovered by FRN in about 2015 when it was an openly and unapologetically, a pro Pravy-Sektor apologist outlet. It’s maintained its original logo and aesthetics, making us sure this is not a mix-up – only its handed the reigns over to some ‘liberals’ – a […]

German Expert: The West Made a Huge Mistake with Ukraine and Putin

Published on: Mar 12, 2019 @ 13:11 – At the beginning of his presidency, Vladimir Putin was determined to come closer to the European Union, and was even ready to discuss NATO membership. The head of the Kremlin was very concerned about issues of European security. He also feared that Russia might disintegrate. That is why he acted so “tough” in […]