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US plans to obtain full-size replica of Russian S-300 system to learn its secrets

The US Air Force is looking for offers to meet its requirement to obtain full-size models of the Russian S-300PMU air defense system. In a US Government publication, the former US Air Force Material Command announced that the Operational Support Center is conducting market research to determine the supposed availability, interest and capacity of potential […]


VIDEO: Terrorists attack Syria’s S-300 SAM system in Masyaf, fail

DAMASCUS – The terrorists attempted to attack the Syrian S-300 surface-to-air missile system in the Hama Governorate town of Masyaf on Sunday evening. According to a report from the Syrian military, the jihadists fired several Grad rockets towards an S-300 battery placement in Masyaf, marking it the first time that the system has been targeted […]

Major Israeli Airstrike On Syria Just As Russian-supplied S-300 Went Operational

By TTR Admin – Hours after Israeli reports said Russian S-300 anti-air defense systems in Syria came online and were “operational,” the Israeli military allegedly launched a major aerial attack on Syria in the middle of the night Sunday. Massive explosions rocked Damascus overnight, via Al-Masdar News According to a breaking AFP report: Syria said Israeli […]

Did the U.S receive an S-300 System from Ukraine?

file photo of S-300 The S-300PT anti-aircraft missile system was detected in a military facility in the USA. A Russian expert explains how he could have gotten there.   As published by the Defense Blog, on a satellite image published on Twitter you can see a command post with a 30N6 type lighting and guidance radar and […]

Israel is Now Powerless – Palestine is Inevitable

Published on: Nov 18, 2018 @ 17:52 – Op-ed By Mikhail Osherov – The current military-political doctrine of the Israeli leadership is based on the continuation of the occupation of the Syrian and Palestinian territories occupied by the state of Israel, which requires constant violence and acts of international aggression and state terrorism against the population of the […]