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Lebanon: Pearl on the New Silk Road or Zone of Dark Age Chaos

The Middle East has been labelled the “geopolitical pivot” of the world island by devout adherents to the Hobbesian worldview of Halford Mackinder such as Zbigniew Brzezinski, Henry Kissinger and Bernard Lewis. Today it is understood that whomever can either stabilize or destabilize this region can control the levers for the “world island” (Africa, Europe, and Eurasia)… and as Mackinder once said “who controls the world island, controls the world.”

VIDEO: What’s Happening In Beirut & The Middle East.

What role does the Belt and Road Initiative play with the Beirut explosion of August 4? How has Lebanon been pulled between two systems for decades and in what way have the unipolarists of the west kept this nation (and the entire Arab world) under the imperial grip of a financial elite and under the chaotic storms of war and regime change? How have leading Lebanese statesmen positioned this small but strategic nation to take on a new destiny within the newly emerging multipolar alliance and who has the most to lose in this new paradigm?

Russia will deploy S-400 on Northern Fleet to protect Arctic

MOSCOW – All battalions of the Northern Russian Fleet will be equipped with S-400 missile defense systems. The systems will be implemented in the coming years to ensure air defense of the Arctic region, said Vice Admiral Aleksandr Moiseev, fleet commander. “Air defense missile equipment and retrofit and new-weapon radio-troops are underway. This year, an […]

US warns of sanctions on Turkey if it does not ‘get rid of S-400’

MOSCOW – Earlier this month, Russia completed deliveries of all components of the S-400 system to Turkey, which was ahead of schedule. Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Akar said the systems would be ready to go into service within a few months. Now, the US Congress says it is willing to punish Turkey economically if Ankara […]

Israeli intelligence company posts unpublished PHOTOS of Russian S-400 in Turkey

TEL AVIV – Israeli intelligence company ImageSat International has released satellite images of a Russian S-400 anti-aircraft system that was recently supplied to Turkey. The company says the systems are in operational mode and were deployed in Ankara. #Breaking: for the #first time observed, the recently arrived from #Russia to #Turkey #S400 is in operational […]

Arms Trade Fight: The U.S is Powerless Versus Turkey

By Steve Brown In a grim new stark reality reminiscent of “The Twilight’s Last Gleaming” the US military establishment now laments its own inability to forcibly corrupt the world – or in this case Turkey – to purchase its weaponry.   In a bizarre release, author Phil Stewart speculates that the impotence of US power to […]

Greece eyes S-400: An Athenian surprise for NATO

ATHENS – Greece is the second country now, following Turkey, to adopt a new policy towards the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and the United States. Athens recently rejected an American request that it not allow Russia’s warships on its shores. The country has also reportedly held talks to buy S-400 air defense systems, which […]

The Indian-Turkish Embrace of Russia’s S400 as a Shift to the New Silk Road

India and Turkey’s recent embrace of Russia’s advanced S-400 defense system represents a major turning point in the international battle now underway between two opposing paradigms of global affairs. Both nations are standing up to immense pressure by an Anglo American empire which has been working desperately since 2007 to build a vast military infrastructure […]