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EXPOSED: Illegal Activity of Western Special Services in Syria

This is my new article on the Syrian crisis. You know that the U.S. and Turkish special services have long been taking part in the conflict, but not so long ago the shocking details have emerged. It turned out that they are involved in spreading ISIS ideology among Al-Hol refugees and supplying weapons to HTS […]

SAMURI: Is Trump’s anti-war rhetoric only for ratings at home?

By Firas Samuri – Not so long ago the U.S. President Donald Trump announced the withdrawal of the American forces from Afghanistan. Earlier, he made the same promises on Syria, but the U.S. troops are still in the country committing military crimes against the locals. That why we should not expect a breakthrough on this […]

UPDATE: U.S. Continues Supplying Kurds to Counteract Turkey

By Finas Samuri – The mass media has been widely covering the details of the disastrous humanitarian situation in Rukban refugee camp over recent months. By the way, the crisis in other sites deserves more considerable attention. Al-Hol refugee camp located in Al-Hasakah province and run by the Syria Democratic Forces is one of them. […]

The Liberation of Idlib is ONLY a Matter of Time

by Firas Samuri – The successful actions of the Syrian Arab Army led to the almost total liberation of the country from various terrorist groups. The only exception is Idlib province, where militants who refused to lay down weapons and join nationwide reconciliation were transported along their family members. Currently, the key actors in the […]