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GRU Challenges The Russian Ballet

By Gregory Sinaisky – Russian ballet is world-famous for its precision and elegance. If we are to believe Western governments and media,  the recent poisonings attributed to the GRU show that it is now challenging the Russian ballet in terms of precision and daring art. Any secret service can poison a man to death, even […]

The False Flag Poisoning of Alexei Navalny

By Max Parry – Originally at OffGuardian – Published Sep 25, 2020 FRN On August 20th, Russian opposition figure and self-styled “anti-corruption” activist Alexei Navalny fell seriously ill while in mid-flight from Tomsk, Siberia to the Russian capital. The Moscow-bound plane was abruptly re-routed to make an emergency landing in the Siberian city of Omsk […]

All quiet on the Skripal Front; “highly likely” still passing for evidence

Where? Have they been given new identities and new lives, as in the American “witness protection program”? One way or another, they have been shelved, or even silenced. Except for the fallout, which still abides, all has been quiet for more than a year. The Skripals, and all the “highly likely” lines, have done their work. In all Sergei’s years as a double agent for the Brits, he never accomplished anything this big.

German press let Simonyan speak, and got an earful

And now you’ve made sure we do not respect you any more – with your short-sighted sanctions, the heartless humiliation of our athletes (including the disabled), your Skripals, with that bald indifference to basic liberal values like presumption of innocence