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The IMF, Ukraine, trinkets, and a mess of pottage

Ukraine sells its sovereignty for handouts, as the Indians sold their land for glass and beads. The country has become a drug addict who takes the last things out of the house for the sake of the next dose. That’s how Ukraine agrees to give the last for the sake of a loan from the International Monetary Fund,

Iraq set to buy Russian S-400 air defense system and assert its sovereignty

Steven Sahiounie, political commentator Iran attacked US forces stationed at two bases in Iraq with 15 missiles on January 8th, but it does not appear missile defense systems were used to counter them. Eric Gomez, a missile defense policy analyst at the Cato Institute, said the next day, “And from the reporting I’ve seen about last […]

BREAKING: U.S Announces Movement out of Iraq – Trump Threatens Sanctions

WASHINGTON D.C – The US military has announced preparation for “movement out of Iraq,” after the country’s parliament voted to oust foreign troops. Brigadier General William Seely, who oversees US Task Force Iraq, sent a letter to the head of Iraq’s joint operations command on Monday, less than week after the US assassinated Iran’s General Qassem […]

Nationalism Doesn’t Mean Isolationism

Somehow, over the years since WWII, the word “nationalism” increasingly became associated with “authoritarianism”, “fascism” and “isolationism”. If one were to be respected in polite society, to be associated with “nationalism” was political death for any sophisticated statesman.

Ireland pushes to increase indigenous Gaelic usage nation-wide

DUBLIN – A new report has found only 84 positions of the 20,000 people employed by Government departments are recognised as roles with an Irish language requirement.  Ireland has been pushing to increasingly improve the standing of its native language, Gaelic, on the island. The first monitoring report from the Office of An Coimisinéir Teanga […]

Russia’s Sovereign Gold Reserves hit All-Time High

MOSCOW – The reserves of monetary gold from the gold reserves of the Bank of Russia increased to $91.64 billion. This is a record figure for the newest history of Russia, the Central Bank of Russia reported on March 7th. In February 2019, gold reserves increased by 2.4%. Total reserves increased by 1.4% to $ 482.8 […]

VIDEO – Putin: Russia can’t exist as a state if it’s not Sovereign

Editor’s note – please welcome video editor and translator ‘Drago Victorien’ – “Unpaid liar / Media Swindler. Trading propaganda on the black market. Multipolarity over unipolarity. Geopolitics & Neo-Eurasianism” – J. Flores * By Drago Victorien – Putin’s message to the Federal Assembly on the 20th of February included a number of interesting statements including a comment […]