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SpaceX Prototype Starship Rocket Explodes After a Test in Texas

TEXAS – The fourth prototype of SpaceX’s next-generation Starship rocket exploded on Friday after a test at the company’s development facility in Texas. The company was conducting a trial of the rocket’s engine, in a test on the ground known as a static fire. A few minutes after the test, which initially appeared successful, the […]

Extraterrestrial Protein Discovered in Meteorite for First Time

Scientists have discovered a full, previously-unknown protein inside a meteorite for the first time. Named hemolithin, the new protein contains iron and lithium and may play an important role in seeding life on habitable planets like Earth. Scientists from Harvard, PLEX Corporation and Bruker Scientific discovered hemolithin in a meteorite known as Acfer 086, which […]

Space war? China accuses US of turning space into ‘battlefield’

BEIJING – China accuses US of turning space into “battlefield” after Washington announced the creation of the Space Force. US President Donald Trump signed the 2020 National Defense Authorization Act on Friday, which created a new arm of the US Armed Forces, the Space Force. China has responded by accusing the US of “seeking militarization […]

Space race? China prepares to explore life-ready planets

BEIJING – The Chinese government will launch the Miin program in 2030 to explore outer space beyond the solar system and find suitable planets for life. “This project will be China’s next breakthrough in basic research,” said Yuan Jie, executive director of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASC). Beijing plans to launch a series […]

US considers space a place for war, Putin says

MOSCOW – The US military and political apparatus sees space as a theater of war, Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Wednesday. US military and political apparatus see space as a stage for war, Russian President Vladimir Putin said at a meeting devoted to the development of the Russian Navy on Wednesday. The comment was […]

Russia plans to renew its Glonass orbital system in 2020

MOSCOW – Russia plans to launch five navigation satellite launches in 2020 to renew its Glonass Global Orbital Navigation Satellite System. According to a source from the Roscosmos State Space Activities Corporation, he told Sputnik, all launches will take place at the Plesetsk Cosmodrome in the north of the country with Soyuz-2 rockets. “Next year […]