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SS Galicia Division

They were Just Fighting for “Independence”

Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ 26th June, 2016 john-connor-85 Pictures taken from the proud descendants of “liberators”. Here they are, the heroes of the Ukrainian Nazi’s. Let’s get acquainted. Ukrainian Liberation Army (UVV). They did not support Nazi Germany, but just wanted to liberate Ukraine. You can notice this on their flags. In the […]

T-Shirts Produced in Kiev in Honor of the SS Division

Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ 24th May, 2016 Politnavigator In Kiev, T-shirts were produced in honor of SS “Galicia” division. The corresponding advert with a proposal to buy the new product includes the representative of a Ukrainian neo-Nazi movement Yuri Ruf. According to him, the t-shirt is dedicated to the 73rd anniversary of […]

(VIDEO) Lvov march commemorates SS Galician Division

April 20, 2016 –  Mikhail Ryabov, PolitNavigator –  Translated by J. Arnoldski  A march glorifying the SS Galician Division was held today in Lvov. Participants of the “March of Embroideries” in the center of Lvov chanted slogans glorifying the SS “Galician” division formed by the Nazis out of natives of the contemporary western territory of […]

Stories from Oles Buzina: SS Galicia Division against Ukraine

July 30th, 2015 – By: Oles Buzina, translated from the original Russian and Ukrainian by Nina Kouprianova. First published at Nina Byzantina. Foreword to the translation With the onset of the Ukrainian crisis, I realized that I often looked forward to the work of certain journalists, who were both eloquent and informative. Oles Buzina was […]