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LOCKDOWN HITS AGAIN: US Stock Market Heading to a New Crash

WALL STREET – Stock futures fell in early morning trading on Monday, pointing to more losses ahead as investors grapple with signs of a second wave of coronavirus cases amid the reopening economy. Futures on the Dow Jones Industrial Average dropped 467 points, implying a drop of more than 539 points at the Monday open. […]

The Fed Did It – Riots Across America Are About More Than George Floyd

Originally at Zero Hedge – Published Jun 1, 2020 FRN As we detailed last night, what’s happening to America right now: rioting, looting, pillaging, Americans fighting other Americans and while the media is spinning self-serving narratives that frame the bad guy as Trump, or China, or Russia, or this political party, or that, or some social movement, hides the truth […]


Mar 26, 2019 – Herland Report TV: “Yugoslavia, Libya, Syria, Ukraine were all planned revolutions”, says political scientist, graduate from California State University and editor-in-chief of Fort Russ News, Joaquin Flores in this first program in a series for the Herland Report TV. We had the pleasure of a sit down with the accomplished journalist, who has in-depth […]

US Finance Market Threatens New Global Crisis

While investors are worried about rising yields on US Treasuries, Wall Street has been closing lower. Russian analyst Natalia Dembinskaya has explained why this trend could affect the global financial market and spark a new crisis. As things stand, the yield on US Treasuries has hit its highest level since 2008, exceeding three per cent. […]

Soros lost $ 1 billion betting against Trump

January 13th, 2016 – Fort Russ News – – ktovkurse – translated by J. Flores –  The biggest event of last year, no doubt, was the US presidential elections, which not only brought an unexpected result, but also brought big changes in the stock market. In the stock market these movements help one to get […]

What’s the Difference between the US vs. Russian Economic Crises?

August 27th, 2015 –  PolitRussia –  By: Ilya Ukhov, translated for Fort Russ by J Arnoldski –  “What is the difference between Russian and Western economic crises?” Taking a look at current financial and economic developments, such as the sharp fluctuations in the course of the ruble against the dollar and euro, the feverish game of […]