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Narwani: US officials offered my friend cash to take down Tehran’s power grid

By Sharmine Narwani It took a country-wide power outage in Venezuela, whispers of a cyberattack, and smugtweets from US officials to make me suddenly recall the cloak-and-dagger story of a close Iranian-American friend nine years ago. My friend, an engineer — who I will not name for obvious reasons and who I will call ‘Kourosh’ for the purpose of this […]

Iran Thwarts Israeli Cyber Attacks on Communications Infrastructure

Press TV reports the following: Iran  has successfully thwarted a wave of cyber attacks apparently staged by Israel to target the country’s communications infrastructure, saying it will certainly follow up on the “hostile” scheme via international mechanisms. Hamid Fatahi, CEO of Iran’s Telecommunications Company, took to Twitter on Monday to report an attempt by “an […]