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MAJOR: US, China Sign ‘Phase One’ Trade Deal

BEIJING/WASHINGTON, D.C. – The first part of a broader trade agreement between the world’s top economic superpowers was finally inked on Wednesday with the US suspending new tariffs in exchange for Chinese purchases of $200 billion in American goods. The accord, signed by President Trump and Chinese Vice Premier Liu He, puts on pause the […]

MAJOR: Tokyo, Seoul Dissolve Intelligence Sharing Deal Week Before Expiry

TOKYO/SEOUL – The defense ministers of Japan and South Korea failed to agree to extend the bilateral intelligence-sharing pact on Sunday at their first meeting since October 2018, but reaffirmed their commitment to cooperation with the US on Pyongyang’s missile and nuclear program, the Kyodo news agency reported. The talks were held on the margins […]

China-US trade war pulls German economy into recession

The largest economy in the European Union is experiencing serious problems as China and the United States introduce new duties on mutual trade, and Brexit can bring a new batch of problems for Germany under the accelerated scenario. Expectations of a recession in the German economy intensified after German GDP declined 0.1% in the second quarter. If […]

China reveals how it intends to resolve trade war with US

BEIJING – China hopes to settle its trade dispute with the United States “with a calm and rational attitude,” Deputy Asia Trade Minister Wang Shouwen said two weeks after the start of a new round of talks between the parties. Washington and Beijing have been in trade war for over a year, with reciprocal billions […]

Why China Has No True Economic Rivals (VIDEO)

Shenzhen, China/California, US – Trump thought that the missile launch wasn’t enough to make an impression. He wanted to impress both his foes and friends. And he succeeded. The American technological flagship Apple was told to pack its things in the form of an ultimatum. It’s going to move from Shenzhen back to California. However, […]