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A TWIST! How was a recording made? Iran, Ukraine & the Shootdown of UIA 752

11 January update: The Iranian military has released a statement (English version) claiming responsibility, but point 3 is patent BS: “3- Under such sensitive and critical circumstances, the Ukrainian airline’s Flight PS752 took off from Imam Khomeini Airport, and when turning around, it approached a sensitive military site of the IRGC, taking the shape and […]


Bandera’s International – Why Canada Defends Ukrainian Fascism

An important piece in light of Canada’s recent decision to be the only country in the world to honor Ukraine’s discriminatory and illegal request to bar entrance of Russian citizens into Canada if they reside in the Donbass – J. Flores By Michael Jabara Carley – originally published March 9, 2018 at SCF Canada has […]

Forgotten Battles Against the Deep State Part 5

Many are now wondering if the secrets CSIS wished to remain hidden are tied to its own subversive behaviour, or if it relates to potentially embarrassing information on the role played by Canada’s third longest standing Prime Minister within the context of Britain’s geopolitical “Great Game” against the world.

Canada’s Space Gambit and the Unraveling of Britain’s Great Game

By Matthew J.L. Ehret On February 28, 2019 a new policy announcement was made in Ottawa Canada that called for a re-orientation towards space exploration in partnership with NASA on an endeavor known as the Lunar Orbital Platform-Gateway (LOP-G) program. This program was first announced at a Press conference in the morning with Canadian Prime Minister Justin […]

Trudeau: Putin Will Not Decide Who Owns the North Pole

Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ 8th March, 2016 RT Russia claims the possession of the North pole and large Arctic spaces that are on the shelf, but the legitimacy of its claims should not be determined by politicians, but by scientists, believes the Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau. Yet he recognised that […]