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Putin will not respond to Ukrainian authorities forbidding Russians to vote

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin said that Moscow will not reciprocate Kiev for the non-admission of citizens of the Russian Federation to vote in the Ukraine. “We will not respond with any restrictions, to the contrary, we will do everything to make Ukrainians feel at home in Russia,” the head of state said, calling the Ukrainians a fraternal people.

Without Russia, Ukraine admits it’s “an island of misfortune”

The severance of economic relations with Russia has had significant negative consequences for Ukraine, said Yevgeny Murayev , a member of the Ukrainian Verkhovna Rada. According to him, with the loss of Russian markets, Kiev has already lost half of its GDP, a significant part of its export potential and budget, and a complete rejection of trade with Russia, which has deprived Ukraine of a number of industries, in fact making it an agrarian country.

BRAWL: Ukrainian army beats up own civilians [Video]

A video of a brutal mass fight of the Ukrainian military against civilians has been published online. The fight takes place in the vicinity of the Novaya Zburevka settlement of the Kherson region. Victims of the attack were local young men, two of them are in critical condition.