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What is unfolding in Iraq right now?

By Yusuf Mshahwar The U.S. has fomented war in Iraq for going on forty consecutive years now. From backing and encouraging Saddam to attack Iran in the 80s to genocidal sanctions that murdered 500,000 children and a direct war in the 90s to a full scale invasion and the creation of Daesh in the 2000s. […]


Today, Moldovan President Igor Dodon officially refused to hand over the land of the former Republican Stadium in the Moldovan capital of Chisinau for the construction of a new US Embassy. “Today I signed an official refusal to promulgate a law on handing over the site of the former Republican Stadium for the subsequent construction […]

Texas arms manufacturer admits selling deadly weapons to Ukraine

November 21 – Fort Russ News – – Novorosinform, translated by Tom Winter Screen capture from VoA video at source Spring Branch, Texas. Director of AirTronic USA confesses to supplying grenade launchers to Ukraine. The United States of America already sells lethal weapons to Ukraine. In particular, a company from Texas, AirTronic USA, having received a […]

Explosion at US Embassy in Kiev

June 8th, 2017 – Fort Russ News –  DNR News – By Inessa Sinchougova The explosion occurred on the territory of the US Embassy in the Shevchenko district of Kiev. A criminal case under the article “terrorist attack” has been launched, according to Kiev police department press office. The incident occurred at 00.05 at night. “When reviewing […]

FSB Leak: The Balkanization of Russia – has it begun?

October 10th, 2015 –  By Ilia Belous – iliabelous – Translated for Fort Russ by Inessa Sinchougova –  . [In his address to PolitRussia  Belous’s position is that by 2018, every federal region in Russia is going to need its own ‘Putin.’ Foreign NGOs such as the National Endowment for Democracy have recently been outlawed in Russia due to […]

Navalny is a Political Corpse

September 15th, 2015 –  Ruslan Ostachenko, PolitRussia –  Translated for Fort Russ by Soviet Bear –  Dear friends, today I was going to sum up the results of elections in the city of Kostroma, but the circumstances say otherwise. Instead of summarizing the elections, the funeral of the Russian non-systemic opposition is held today. After what […]

Political Outrage over Navalny’s Work with US Embassy

September 10th, 2015 –  PolitRussia – translated by J. Arnoldski –  “Non-parliamentary parties outraged by meeting between American diplomats and Navalny” –   ** Note to Fort Russ readers – this piece follows up on the exposé we ran:  Biggest Putin Critic, Navalny – Exposed as An American Asset ** Chairman of the party “Right Cause”, Vyacheslav Maratkanov, stated […]

Biggest Putin Critic, Navalny – Exposed as An American Asset [+video]

September 4th, 2015 – – translated for Fort Russ by Ollie Richardson –  * [Alexei Anatolievich Navalny, born June 4, 1976) is a Russian lawyer, political and financial activist, and politician. Since 2009, he has gained prominence in Russia, and in the Russian and international media, as a critic of corruption and of Russian President Vladimir Putin. He has organized large-scale demonstrations […]