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MAJOR: US Training ISIS POWs From SDF-Occupied Areas for Recruitment Into Terrorist Groups With Aim of Prolonging War in Syria

WASHINGTON, D.C./DAMASCUS – US military “advisors” (a common euphemism used by the mainstream media for the illegal US occupying troops in Syria) are training hundreds of ISIS (Daesh or ISIL) prisoners of war from the Al-Hawl camp in SDF-occupied northeastern Syria with the purpose of recruiting them to “illegal armed formations”, the head of the […]

CHINA: ‘US Created Enough Troubles For World, But Stands Isolated’

BEIJING – China’s envoy to the United Nations hit back at the United States over its baseless accusations about the origins of the new coronavirus, saying Washington has created enough troubles for the world already and that enough is enough. “I must say, enough is enough! You have created enough troubles for the world already,” […]

EXPOSED: US Occupation of Syria Now Official

WASHINGTON, D.C./DAMASCUS – The United States has now sent more occupying forces into Syria in clear violation of international law. The Pentagon regime officials claim the deployment of additional occupying forces allegedly came due to a series of “incidents” between US occupying forces and Russian troops legally stationed in the country. The US troops will […]

US, Turkey Send Additional Reinforcements Into Bases in Oil-Rich Northeast Syria

Hasaka, Syria – US occupation forces have dispatched a convoy of trucks carrying military equipment to Syria’s northeastern province of Hasaka, Syrian media reported. Local sources told Syria’s official news agency SANA that since 4 days ago, the US military has sent a convoy consisting of 50 trucks carrying military and logistical equipment from Iraq […]

Pentagon Unhappy About Trump’s Remarks on Wanting to do Nothing But Fight Wars

PENTAGON – US Army Chief of Staff Gen. James McConville criticized President Donald Trump’s comments about the Pentagon top brass’s support for profit-hungry defense companies, claim that “as a rule”, the military “only makes the recommendation to send troops” into combat when “all other options are exhausted”. “I can assure the American people that the […]

How to End America’s Destructive Hegemony

WASHINGTON, D.C. (FNA)- The United States continues to disrespect the established norms in the international order, and more specifically those who contest the War Party’s destructive hegemony, including even its European allies. This has made the US the leading rogue state, the main threat to international stability and peace. Washington’s complete disregard for international law, […]

Let’s Not Fall Into The Empire’s Trap

By Jorge Capelán – Originally at OffGuardian – Published Sep 3, 2020 FRN I’m sorry, those who know me know that I’m strongly anti-racist and have previously written (positively) about the American Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement, but things that have happened in the last two years have dramatically changed the perspective. It is obvious […]