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Venezuela promises ‘another Vietnam’ for US

The president of the Venezuelan National Constituent Assembly, Diosdado Cabello, threatened the United States that they would organize “another Vietnam” in case the Trump administration decides to invade the country, reports El Tiempo. “They do not even know how they will leave after … they will swallow dust if they try to step on our […]

Assad says talks with Trump a “Waste of time”

On Friday, Syrian President Bashar Assad stated that he does not expect changes in US foreign policy in the near future. “We do not believe that US policy will change in the near future. That [the negotiations with Washington] is a waste of time,” the Arab country’s leader said in an interview with Russian TV […]

US warns Syria not to defend themselves from US forces attacking Syria

Yes, you read the headline correctly. According to the double-down delusional waning empire, an attack on United States troops and their allies in Syria would be a “bad idea,” according to Pentagon Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Kenneth McKenzie. He was commenting on the words of Syrian President Bashar Assad on the readiness of Syria […]

Analysts: US-CIA fights FOR ISIS in Syria

Russia has accused the United States of creating “gray areas” in Syria where terrorists are hiding. Russia’s Institute for Strategic Studies, Vladimir Fitin explained in an interview why the US could benefit from preserving the threat of ISIS in Syria. Additionally, another expert had this to say: ”Russia fears that after the departure of the […]

Why is the US trying to destroy Nicaragua?

Nicaragua’s government led by Ortega is in the cross-hairs of US imperialism. This is connected with the US’s Monroe Doctrine 2.0, which envisages a swapping of entanglements, to land on a foreign policy of spheres of influence. While this is good for the Middle-East and Eastern Europe, it leaves Latin America entirely vulnerable and open […]

Hybrid War in Reverse: Why the SDF can’t hold the Euphrates

“With regard to this Middle East war which was waged for 7 years, we are finally near the end of it all. The border with Lebanon is sealed, the border with Iraq is established and Damascus-Tehran communication is up and running across Abu Kamal, just like small trade is too. ISIS, the last big obstacle […]

IN DEPTH: Color Revolution Explodes in Nicaragua

MANGUA, Nicaragua – Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega has ditched a controversial pension reform that would see an increase in both worker and employer pay-in, with a 5% reduction in benefits. This sparked deadly protests across the country, which saw its worst violence on Sunday, April 22nd. In a televised meeting on Sunday evening, Ortega said he […]