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REVEALED: U.S Plan for Military Rule under Coronavirus Threat – Newsweek

Readers – We republish this translated piece from Eurasia Daily, though it is simply a summary of Newsweek’s own article from early February, linked below for full disclosure. Despite the accuracy of this report of Newsweek’s journalism, and the accuracy of our headline – we expect tremendous censorship and risks associated with that, as a […]

Assange confirms: hit piece on Fort Russ backed by Neocons

January 21st, 2018 – FRN –  – by Joaquin Flores – please support Flores’s Patreon –  Julian Assange has made it clear what his research has uncovered about the ‘research’ used by one of FRN’s (Fort Russ News) opponents – the billionaire blog known as ‘Vice News’. Over a month ago in December, Vice News wrote […]

What you believe if NPR is your news source, and why it matters

August 22, 2016 – Fort Russ News –  op-ed By: Tom Winter & Joaquin Flores  National Public Radio is one of the US’s state media institutions, despite the protestation to the contrary. It serves a critical role in providing left-cover for US imperial and military adventurism in the world today and like much of the […]

Total US Media Black-out on resumption of Libya Bombing

August 7th, 2016 – Fort Russ News –  – Rusvesna – translated by J. Flores – The US’s extended military operation against ISIS, already in four countries, now has gone for full air strikes in Libya.  But the American media has been almost entirely silent on this, writes The Nation. The renewed US military campaign […]