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MISSILE GAP: US disputes reality in Hypersonic arms race with Russia, China

The United States is not lagging behind Russia and China’s development of hypersonic weapons since Washington has focused on the creation of non-nuclear missiles, according to an article on the US channel CNBC. But is this credible? According to the article, the US military confessed that Moscow and Beijing made significant strides in this area […]

South China Sea arms race threatens conflict with US

Defense missile systems installed at the Chinese naval bases in the South China Sea may increase the risks of military confrontation with the US in the future, military experts say. This is a possibility since Washington seeks to contain the growing Great Power and influence of Beijing in the region. The Chinese military installed anti-ship […]

WORLD FOCUS: The US is preparing for a showdown with Russia at all levels

ATHENS, Greece – A thriller of epic proportions is potentially on the horizons for the whole planet after the US “unblocked” Russia and while Greek submarines are seeking the “Russian Red October” in the Aegean. The possibility of a strong reaction from the Russians now seems to be circulating, and the Crimea from US war […]

Trump makes strange statement on US leaving Syria

President Trump has stated that the US will leave Syria, but has not mentioned an approximated date. 

A reminder that the US presence in Syria is illegal according to international law, as the Syrian government gave no permission to their intervention, and neither is there a UN resolution. 

US “NO” to the Turks: “We are not leaving our bases in Syria”

WASHINGTON D.C., The United States of America – US-Turkish relations and developments in northern Syria, on the occasion of yesterday’s telephone conversations  between President Donald Trump and Tayyip Erdogan, dominated the briefing of the State Department correspondents by spokeswoman Heather Nawert. Yesterday, as announced by the White House spokeswoman, Trump and Erdogan spoke “to confirm the importance […]

Russian Foreign Ministry slams US State Department spokesperson

Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova blasted the United States on Friday saying that the Russian Foreign Ministry will allocate special seats for American journalists at press briefings if the US continues to infringe on the rights of Russian reporters. The aggressive response came as US State Department Spokesperson Heather Nauert rudely and condescendingly rejected questions […]

Tillerson reveals US is considering further sanctions against Russian individuals

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said in an interview with CBS that the US is considering further sanctions against Russian individuals. “We’ve taken steps that have already prevented a number of Russian military sales as a result of the legislation,” Tillerson said.  “And we are evaluating additional individuals for… possible sanctioning,” Tillerson revealed. It […]