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TIT FOR TAT: China Passes Law Restricting Sensitive Technology Export to US

BEIJING/WASHINGTON, D.C. – China passed a new law that restricts export of sensitive items vital to national security in reprisal for a similar move by the United States. China’s news agency Xinhua said the law was passed on Saturday by the National People’s Congress Standing Committee — the country’s top legislative body — and will […]

White House Rejects Putin’s Offer to Extend New START

MOSCOW/WASHINGTON, D.C. – Russia possesses new weapons that the United States does not have in its arsenal, but it is nevertheless willing to discuss the issue with Washington, Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Friday while addressing permanent members of the Russian Security Council. The president also suggested extending the New START Treaty for one […]

PUTIN: Using Russia Card to Bait Trump Plays Into Our Hands

MOSCOW – The attempts to humiliate US President Donald Trump by accusing him of ties with Russia just play into Moscow’s hands and upgrades its status, Russian President Vladimir Putin said. “When someone is trying to humiliate or insult the incumbent head of state they anyway elevate you and me and talk about our incredible […]

KREMLIN: Russia Has Information CIA Works With Navalny, Sends Instructions to Him

MOSCOW – Russian Presidential Spokesman Dmitry Peskov on Thursday said Moscow has information that Russian opposition figure Alexei Navalny is collaborating with the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). The bombshell statement comes hours after the Russian opposition politician, who is currently in Germany, claimed that President Vladimir Putin was behind his alleged poisoning, Sputnik reported. […]

WATCH: $122mln F-35 Comes Crashing Down After a Mid-Air Collision With $71mln KC-130J During Air Refueling Over California

Imperial County, CA, USA – Originally at ZeroHedge – A US Marine Corps Lockheed Martin F-35B STOVL fighter jet crashed in Imperial County, California, while attempting an aerial refueling mission with a Lockheed Martin KC-130J refueling tanker, according to USNI News. The short video captures the impact of the $122 million stealth jet crashing into […]

Pentagon Hastily Awards $13 bln Contract For ICBMs to Northrop Grumman

PENTAGON (SF) – A recent analysis by Defense One notes that the announcement by the US Air Force that it will award Northrop Grumman $13.3 billion to develop a new intercontinental ballistic missile raises more questions than it answers. First and foremost: what’s the rush? The move greatly complicates the ability of the next administration to revise […]