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Will Entropy Define the New World Paradigm?

The cure for this misanthropic philosophy contaminating so much of the economic field today is found in the study of original works by Henry C. Carey, Max Planck and the great Vladimir Vernadsky who all insightfully recognized that mankind was destined for something much greater than imperialists can imagine.

Luc Montagnier, the Revival of Optical Biophysics and the Clash of the ‘Two Sciences’

Today, the world is being shaped by political forces representing the two opposing currents of science. It may surprise you, dear reader to discover that just one week after Montagnier’s original remarks on the lab origin hypothesis of covid-19 and his calls for a crash program into electromagnetic wavelength therapy, American President Donald Trump announced his support of such lines of research on April 23rd.

V.I. Vernadsky and the American System in Russia

Vernadsky’s fight to establish a Ukrainian Academy of Science and his role as leader of the Russian Academy of Science are explored as are his revolutionary discoveries in anti-Darwinian theory of evolution along with his insights into the atom, physical space time and the nature of mind as a causal force for universal change.

The Coming Revolutions in Science Driven by the Chinese-Russian Alliance

Cosmic radiation and the relationship between Earth’s variable Ionosphere and magnetic field with the dense ocean of cosmic radiation washing over (and through) the earth as we orbit around a sun on a small arm of one of many galaxies is a field of study which has long been overlooked by mainstream science in the west but which both the Chinese and Russians are increasingly taking a leading interest in.