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Mexico tries to eradicate violence against indigenous women

Violence in Mexico against indigenous women is exacerbated daily, and discrimination based on gender, ethnicity and economic status is often unpunished.   In recent years, the violence of gender in Mexico has reached alarming figures, and the wave of femicide has soared to record 1,010 victims only in 2019. Statistics reflect the potential danger of being a woman in Mexico , something that gets worse when women belong to […]

CHAOS UKRAINE 18+: VIDEO of SBU and Neo-Nazis in major shoot-out

Circulating the web is a video, linked below of a bloody showdown between neo-Nazi militants and the SBU special forces. It occurred during an attempt to disarm the next neo-Nazi formation at their base. The record shows how the special forces unit of the SBU, under the cover of armored personnel carriers, approaches the wall of […]

Yarosh : we will “behead” rebel leaders

March 10th, 2017 – Fort Russ News – RusVesna – Translated By James Harmon Infamous far-right Pravy Sektor leader and one of the central Maidan figures, as well as an elected official, Dmitry Yarosh, intends to “behead” leaders of the pro-Russian organizations of the Nikolaev region. He stated this at a press conference in the presence of the […]