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BREAKING: Belgrade to Defer to Moscow on Any Solution for Clinton Occupied Kosovo

BELGRADE – As election weekend approaches in Serbia, the President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić brought newfound clarity to Serbia’s official position on Kosovo and the EU. The Serbian president explained in no uncertain terms that  any solution to the Kosovo problem will require Russia’s approval, and that Serbia would never exchange recognition of Kosovo for […]

Serbian economy set for higher GDP growth than any country in Europe

BELGRADE [ Kirill Borschev ] – Serbian President Alexander Vučić is confident in the economic stability of the country and expects significant GDP growth, writes ‘Evening News’. In his television speech, he said that this year Serbia will overtake all European countries in terms of GDP growth and will become one of the most advanced […]

‘That was fast’ – Russian Military sent to Serbia to combat Coronavirus

MOSCOW – The Russian Ministry of Defense sent the first military transport aircraft Il-76 VKS to Serbia today, April 3, with equipment and specialists for combating coronavirus infection. The board took off from the Chkalovsky airfield. “The aircraft will deliver to the Bataynitsa airfield (20 km northwest of Belgrade) an advanced group of military doctors, […]

As Serbia Goes into Total Lock-down, Putin promises to help Serbia against Covid-19

By Kirill Borschev – Russian President Vladimir Putin has promised significant assistance and support to Serbia and its citizens in the fight against the epidemic of coronavirus, which will consist in sending Russian doctors and disinfection specialists to the country. This became known as a result of a telephone conversation between the leaders of the two countries, […]

Serbia begins Arrests for State of Emergency Violations

BELGRADE – Serbia has begun arrests for violating the state of emergency imposed in the country due to the spread of the coronavirus COVID-19. Information about this was circulated by Serbian law enforcers, the TANJUG agency reports. Against the backdrop of the spread of coronavirus infection, the Serbian authorities introduced a state of emergency in […]

MAJOR: Serbian Ministers Request Coronavirus Help from Russian Federation

BELGRADE – Amidst rising concerns over both military and security needs within the context of an alleged health pandemic, the Serbian government’s cabinet of ministers resolved on March 26th to request help from Moscow earlier today. Bear in mind that in the drill ‘Event 201’ references to a pandemic with the ability to destabilize governments […]