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MAJOR: Russia Adopts Nuclear First Strike Policy

MOSCOW – Jun 3, 2020 – Earlier in the week, Vladimir Putin amended the Fundamentals of State Policy of the Russian Federation in the Field of Nuclear Deterrence, by means of presidential decree. The decree sets out that Russia’s nuclear deterrence policy is defensive in nature and is aimed at maintaining the potential of nuclear […]


Russia warns US about biological weapons concern

MOSCOW – The actions of the Pentagon in the field of biological weapons, including in Georgia, cause concern in Russia. In order to exclude possible incidents, it is necessary to agree on this issue. This is stated in a comment circulated today, April 23, by the Russian Foreign Ministry in connection with the publication of […]

Syrian ambassador: US Planning False Flag in Syria

According to statements made by the Syrian Ambassador to the Russian Federation, the United States is likely planning to carry out a false flag attack in Syria, as a pretext for direct intervention. However, Syria got rid of its chemical arsenal in 2013, has never used and will not use chemical weapons, Syrian ambassador to […]