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The Philosophical Dingleberries of Slavoj Žižek

dingleberry |ˈdiNGəlˌberē| noun (pl. dingleberries) vulgar slang 1 a small shit-ball attached to the anal hair of an animal or man. 2 informal a foolish or inept person: That clueless dingleberry Slavoj Žižek manifest his narcissism in the mirror of Lacan ORIGIN: German ding from Hegel’s ‘Ding-an-sich’ or ‘a thing as such’ + berry. Der […]

Time to Untangle a Very Deep Deception – the Downing of Flight 752

This is a follow-on to the excellent reporting by Russell Bentley at Fort Russ News, as well, this author’s initial piece at Fort Russ on the subject of Flight 752. In the downing of Flight 752 we’ll look at three kilogram verses fifteen kilogram warheads and a direct hit versus a ‘proximity’ detonation. [1], [2] […]

The West gives new impetus to the strengthening of Russia

MOSCOW – A new step to strengthen Russia: this is what would be the prolongation and hardening of EU sanctions against the Eurasian giant, something that will almost certainly take place at the end of this month of June, according to expert sources. For the Spanish analyst Javier Colomo Ugarte, a PhD of geography and […]

Moscow strongly WARNS West against risky ideas of using force in Venezuela

MOSCOW, Russia – Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov has stated that Russia strongly warns the West against risky ideas of pushing forward a scenario of force in Venezuela. For the Russian Deputy FM, “a destructive external intervention, especially a military intervention in Venezuelan internal affairs is the worst of all possible scenarios.” “It is […]

This is HOW the West Destroyed Relations with Russia

WASHINGTON DC, The United States – US actions and their allies have led to a crisis in relations between the West and Russia, but Moscow is only responding to aggression against itself, wrote the American Conservative security policy expert Ted Carpenter. “When historians examine the first few decades of the so-called post-Cold War era, they […]

West is ‘Shocked’ at Underestimating Russian Capabilities

BERLIN, Germany – The German edition Die Welt reported that the Russian complex Avangard caused “panic” in the United States. Military analyst Andrei Koshkin commented on the situation, expressing hope that this could force Washington to continue negotiations. According to the German newspaper, the Avangard complex, equipped with a hypersonic glider block, is a “New […]

West is Concerned About Growing Cooperation Between Russia and Turkey

BERLIN, Germany – Cooperation between Russia and Turkey continues to develop with the crisis in relations between Moscow and Ankara already belonging to the past, German public radio Deutschlandfunk reported. While still holding some controversy, Moscow and Ankara cooperate in the sphere of energy, trade and even in the field of armaments, which gives rise […]

Why Is Russia Victorious In International Conflicts That The West Fails In?

PARIS, France – Russia has been able to emerge victorious over many years from most international geopolitical conflicts and, according to the French newspaper Figaro, this merit must be attributed to Russian President Vladimir Putin. The edition highlights that the Russian leader’s excellent and in-depth academic background plays a vital role in political decision-making and […]

Why Does The West Hate Russia? British Political Scientists Respond

Russophobia is on the rise, according to numerous experts, but why? The West hates Russia because that country does not behave according to the West’s will, British political scientists emphasize in their new book. In their new book entitled “Union Jackboot: What Your Media and Professors Don’t Tell You About British Foreign Policy,” authors TJ […]