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Lvov deputy demands more local authority for Western Ukraine

Vladimir Parasyuk March 19, 2015 Kristina Rus Deputy Vladimir Parasyuk expressed the need to give more rights to the Western regions of Ukraine for active participation of these regions in the coup of 2014.  According to the Deputy Mikhail Kobtsev, Parasyuk demanded “to divide Ukraine… yelling about the need to give special privileges to Western […]

On March 17, 1991, 70% of Ukrainians voted to remain inside USSR

March 17, 2015 Translated by Kristina Rus Grey Croco: 80% of all voters participated in the referendum on March 17, 1991. 77.85% of them voted for the preservation of the USSR. The turnout on the territory of the Ukrainian SSR was 83.5 percent, of which for Ukraine remaining a part of the renewed Union, voted […]

The chairman of the anti-fascist committee, top member of the Communist party, Alexander Kononovych, beaten and kidnapped in Volhynia, Ukraine

March 12, 2015 Putnik @ Live Journal Translated by Kristina Rus “This is Mikhail Kononovych, first secretary of Lenin’s Comsomol of Ukraine. Today at 3 pm at the city of Lutsk, my brother, Alexander Kononovich, the second secretary of the Regional Committee of the Communist Party of Ukraine, head of the Russian community of Lutsk, has been kidnapped, and […]

Poroshenko: “Galicians – are the foundation of Ukraine’s statehood”

February 11, 2015 Da Dzi Translated from Russian by Kristina Rus Petro Poroshenko candidly explained, who is the title nation of Ukraine, first grade citizens. Petro Poroshenko during an expanded meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers called the inhabitants of the Western regions of Ukraine “the foundation of statehood of the country.”  “There is no […]

Western Ukraine is Not Impressed with Poroshenko

January 2, 2015 Marcin Skalsi for Translated from Polish by J. Hawk President Petro Poroshenko visited Lvov. During a meeting with the city’s inhabitants one of the citizens called him a traitor and refused to shake hands with him. During the visit several activists representing the leadership of the Lvov region asked Poroshenko questions […]

Galicia native Brzezinsky rules US foreign policy for decades

Alexey Pleshanov for The famous American cold war ideologue Zbigniew Brzezinski turned 86 years old on March 28, 2014. But despite his age, the man who was called “the gravedigger of the Soviet Empire” is still full of energy to change the world. A decisive influence in shaping the persona of a future ideologist of […]

Novorossia headlines summary, November 6, 2014

Slavic Guard: Vozhd News November 6, 2014 It finally became clear that to serve in territorial battalions is better then in UAF. If you left the army, then you are a deserter and you are prosecuted. Relatives will protest. But for the most part, who cares, you are not a hero, and therefore disposable. But, if you left with […]