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Memorial Service to Sadilovac Martyrs (GRAPHIC)

By Grey Carter – On 31. July 1942. the Ustasha criminals have murdered and set fire to 463 men, women and children (of which 149 under the age of 13) from Sadilovac, Bugari, Lipovacha and nearby villages. The only ‘sin’ of the victims was that they were Orthodox Serbs. In these horrible crimes during the […]

Debunking Lies and Myths About the So-called ‘Soviet-German Pact’ (VIDEO)

MOSCOW – September 17th marked 80 years since Soviet troops retook western Belarus and western Ukraine, which were previously occupied by Poland. The Polish Army went for a landgrab after the turmoil of WW1, during which Russia lost massive territories. Much later, in 1939, Hitler’s Germany invaded Poland on September 1st, despite the fact that […]

VIDEO: WWII Bomb Found Near Kremlin

MOSCOW – Kremlin Press Service has stated a WWII bomb was defused after being found in an untouched Imperial-era cellar. The weapon was dropped by the Luftwaffe. Russian officials said they had defused the WWII bomb in the Kremlin, which was undetected in a cellar since 1941. The Kremlin was under reconstruction when archaeologists found […]

“Not one step back” – Stalin, 1942 [Video]

October 6th, 2016 – Fort Russ News – RT – translated by Inessa Sinchougova Some studies suggest that major trauma (wars, famines, Great Depressions, etc) are passed on through DNA to later generations. With it, the ability to adapt, persevere and survive hardships. The grandfather in question may have had his personal reasons, but the inability […]

Letters from German Soldiers at the Eastern Front

Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ 11th May, 2016 “No, father, God does not exist, only you have it, in your Psalms and prayers, in the sermons of priests and pastors, in the ringing of bells, the smell of incense, but in Stalingrad it is not. And here you are sitting in the […]

Stories from Oles Buzina: Unheroic “bandera”

July 28th, 2015 By: Oles Buzina, translated by Nina Kouprianova, first published at Nina Byzantina Much like his caustic historic text on SS Galicia, Ukrainian author Oles Buzina was not very fond of Stepan Bandera—another one of official Kiev’s current ‘heroes’. This following prophetic text, written in 2011, also demonstrates why Buzina became a political […]