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Turkey intends to launch offensive against Kurds in northern Syria

ANKARA – Turkey plans to launch an independent military operation against the Kurdish forces in Syria east of the Euphrates River if the United States does not meet Ankara’s conditions for a safe zone. Earlier this month, Turkey and the United States opened a joint control center for the potential buffer zone. However, the two […]


IRAN DEFENDS SYRIA, says US actions in Syria violate the country’s sovereignty

TEHRAN – US actions in northeastern Syria aimed at creating the so-called security zone undermine the country’s territorial integrity and sovereignty, said Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Abas Musavi. “US behavior in northeastern Syria is an open attack on Syria’s sovereignty and territorial integrity and is contrary to the principles of international law and the UN […]

Damascus BLASTS Turkish-American deal to illegally occupy Syria

DAMASCUS – The Syrian government has criticized the agreement between Washington and Ankara to establish a safe zone in northern Syria, calling it a violation of Syrian sovereignty and territorial integrity. Previously, the Turkish Ministry of Defense stated that Ankara and Washington had agreed to set up a joint operations coordination center and the formation […]

MAJOR: Turkish Army Intensifies Clashes With Kurdish-led SDF

Aleppo, Syria – Fierce clashes between the Turkish Army and the Kurdish militias intensified in northern Aleppo and Hasaka as Turkey sent its special forces to the border with Syria. The pro-militant Step News website reported that the Turkish Army pounded the military points of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) around the city of Qameshli […]

INTERVIEW: US-Turkey Military Conflict a Possibility – Turkey needs Russia as an alternative to the West

EADaily correspondent Damir Nazarov spoke with Turkish journalist Musa Ozugurlu about the external conditions and internal political processes in Turkey . Musa Ozugurlu (Musa Özuğurlu) – Turkish journalist, columnist “Duvar” (Duvar), an expert on the Middle East. Employee of the channel ARTI TV. Q: Last month, the Turkish Air Force attacked the positions of the Kurdish Workers Party (PKK) in […]

RUSSIA BLASTS US PUPPETS: Kurdish forces block Syrian government aid convoy

HAJIN, Syria – Kurdish militia units on Wednesday blocked a convoy of humanitarian aid sent by Syrian officials to the city of Hajin, forcing vehicles to return, said Lieutenant-General Sergei Solomatin, head of the Russian Center for Syrian Reconciliation. According to Solomatin, Damascus, along with the Syrian Arab Red Crescent Society, organized on January 30 […]

Syrian Army Finally Enters Manbij After Kurds Beg for Intervention

MANBIJ, Syria – Syrian Kurds have called on Syrian government troops to establish control over areas that have been abandoned by their self-defense groups. In response, Syrian government troops entered Manbij and raised the flag. As reported by the Syrian Army Forces Staff, Syrian government troops entered Manbij and raised the flag in response to […]

The Hypocrisy of Chomsky and the Imperialist Left on Syria, Rojava and Yemen

SYDNEY, Australia – “‘Scared to Death’: Syria’s Kurds Feel Trapped Between Threats From Assad and Erdogan” – Ha’aretz Many pro-Rojava [named region of a separatist Kurdish entity on Syrian territory] leftists including Noam Chomsky agree that an illegal US military occupation of a sovereign country is needed to protect “the Kurds”, possibly because they have […]

MASS EVACUATION? US Allies to Flee Syria if Trump Commits to Withdrawal

BOSTON, The United States – Trump’s decision to withdraw US forces from Syria was classified as “correct” by Putin during the traditional end-of-year press conference held on Thursday. Fred Weir, Russia correspondent for The Christian Science Monitor, based in Boston, commented on the situation. Asked about the likelihood of the US really leaving Syria, Weir […]

MAJOR: US-led Coalition ATTACKS the Syrian Army, Kurds Capture ISIS Leader

DAMASCUS, Syria – The Syrian military has accused the United States-led international coalition of attacking its army’s positions in the central region of the country on Sunday, a military source told SANA news agency. “US coalition forces launched at around 8:00 p.m. several missiles today against some positions of our forces in the Ghorab mountains […]