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Israeli War-Crimes Spell Third Day of Havoc for Palestinian Civilians

GAZA, Palestine – May 5, 2019  – The body count continued to rise Sunday May 5th as the Israeli occupational forces deployed its terrorism against civilians, causing numerous casualties as Israel launched approximately 100 missiles into civilian areas of Gaza in the last 24 hours, in one of the most intense flareups of violence in […]

Lithuanian Ambassador recalled from Russia as Skvernelis swears allegiance to Israel

VILNIUS – Apr 13, 2019 @ 14:25 – Lithuania’s ambassador to Russia, Remigijus Motuzas, was withdrawn from Moscow because of threats against him and against members of the embassy staff, the Lithuanian Foreign Ministry claimed on Friday. “Yes, the ambassador was called for consultations yesterday [Thursday],” the ministry said, adding that the Russian Foreign Ministry […]

‘I love Israel-’ Hesitant Bolsonaro Nudged by Netanyahu to Recognize Embassy Move During Visit

Bolsonaro has come under criticism from both Brazil’s growing and vocal Evangelical Christian-Zionist minority, as well as Zionist groups around the world. Netanyahu is a bit nonplussed himself, as Bolsonaro has apparently walked back ‘moving Brazil’s embassy to Jerusalem’. Instead, he’s offered up a ‘Business Center’ which he claims has something do to with consular […]

Christchurch Attack Decoded: A Manifestation of Israel’s Master Plan to Orchestrate War between the Muslim and Christian World

Editor’s note and Trigger Warning – This material may not be suitable for individuals with averse reactions to officially unapproved views on the Christchurch Massacre. Do not read further if materials that provide other-than-official reading of the facts are prohibited in your community or legal jurisdiction. It is the editorial view of FRN that this […]