Volunteering for FRN is one of the best ways for anyone who understands the value of our editorial line, and non-profit work, to be a closer member of our growing community. 

Do you have a second language? Are you clever with social networking apps and sites like Twitter and Facebook?

Volunteering just a few hours a week can go just  as far, or farther, as your sustained charitable contribution to our work.

We have a need for volunteer social media activists, and special translators.  

Fort Russ News – FRN – is the publishing wing of the Belgrade based Non-Profit NGO, Center for Syncretic Studies. 

Our Goals include: “To sustain a public hub for programmatic discussions about the present state of syncretic and new ideological movements and work, act as a think-tank for syncretic and new ideological frameworks to promote political and geopolitical alternatives. To be a public forum internationally that supports dialogue between historically adverse movements and organisations,  intellectuals and non-governmental organisations across the political and ideological landscape.

Fort Russ is read by millions every month, and has become a major ‘go to’ source for English language readers who want first hand information or primary source versions of news, and analysis from non-US sources.  This is an important mission, and we can hardly keep up with what needs to be done.

As a war between major powers threatens to engulf the world, we ask volunteer translators to rise to the occasion to turn the tide.

We welcome volunteer translators and social media activists to join our team! 

How to help:

1.) Contact us! Let us know to be expecting translations from you.  These can come as often as you are able or as you like.

2.) If  you see an article from a Russian or European source which has not yet been translated by our team, and you think it fits, please send your translation to the contact below. We will include your name as a translator in the byline.

3.) Ask us what we think needs to be translated, there’s a lot to tackle and we are always playing catch-up.  If it’s interesting to you – do it!  If not – that’s okay too!

If you are a professional translator, feel free to use us as a reference if we have published your translations.  Also, we are happy to include a plug at the end of an article you have translated, for your translation service.

Please contact Joaquin Flores at:

[email protected]